An Infatuate's dream

Standing beside the still waters
Often did he contemplate
Of a life of routine and monotony
Or a stone ignorant of diversions

Scrutiny shaped into introspection
No sooner did he hugged an eventual solitude
Realizing the only foot prints were his
Cursed in an endless loop of desolation

But the moss filled stone had a hope
Of being casted across the water
And create innumerous ripples
Sending shivers down the spines so material

The wish finally came true
When a frolic young wave washed the shores
And it didn't leave him behind
Neither was he resistant

Seconds of time failed to describe
A paradigm shift to a world
Where he found a reason to live
Where he found someone so right

Reluctance had to play no longer
For he wished to be painted all new
With every color of dive into the unknown
With every touch, he called them memories

Speedy was the adrenaline rush
As he entwined into the cupid's canvas
He found peace, he assumed love
And an eternal promise of never letting go

The dive …

A non-biker's journey to Shivanasamudram Falls

Disclaimer:The following blog post details a long, yet tiring and adventurous journey of 2 non-bikers who made sure to spend a Sunday without sleeping whole day. It is an attempt to help out all the other non-bikers to enjoy this en route. The acts were performed by real oxygen breathing people so it definitely bears a relation to all the living persons. If you are looking for the historical and geographical details of the water falls, then please take a step behind.
Often coming across a lot of success travel stories, I was always envy of the ones that were unplanned, sudden yet highly adventurous.
Suffice it to say, the time was nearing for me to get my hands dirty. 
30th June 2018
I get this massive adrenaline rush, I feel like I am flying or on fire. I reach Ankit with the most convincing statements. "Bhai chal kuch tufani karte hai. Let's go to Shivanasamdura". Ankit replied, "Ok, par kaise Jana hai?" The conversation is followed by a 10 minutes of intense Goo…

Irony...Here,There, Everywhere....

The last 3 months of my life were invested with full dedication to unleash a few new chapters. And maybe that pain staking dedication has finally helped me out to be at peace today, when Bangalore is all drenched in heavy showers. And perhaps it is that peace which has let me pen down words, an all time favourite escape from the material. Am I scribbling anything special today? Anything intended to go viral?

Well the answer is NO as well as a bit of YES.
NObecause whatever I am going to pen down today surrounds a quite common yet surreal and boring life, a life taken for granted. YESbecause I feel it is high time for us to grow beyond the barricades of the unreasonable acceptance. So buckle up for the ride is going to be way bumpy.

TAPE 1 : 
I am listening to “Lovely” by Billie Eilish from the web series 13 Reasons Why Season 2, perhaps the sole reason for me to write down something substantial. I just finished watching Season 2 today, beginning with a sense of revenge, expecting that th…

Confessions of a dying elixir - Water

More than 4 billion years ago, when the 3rd farthest planet from Sun came into existence, so did I. Eons later life took its first leap in the cradles of my shadow. I was termed the elixir - the only means of existence for the far reaching flora and fauna. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my elixir in the midst of this give and only give business. Today, I am on the brink of extinction and I question all the beings..Will there be a realization sooner enough to save me from fading away?

As we know it, is a life long companion, right from the birth till the final sip of death. Water in terms of Hydrosphere covers a lion share of the earth's area in different forms, out of which the purposeful drinking water holds a smaller percentage. Well I can munch lines by lines to describe water but I think whoever reading this will be like, "Say something new!!!". So its better for me to write something which you might be too ignorant to be aware of.


Road to reclusion

Bags packed, all checked, time to go
Destination is unknown though lesser stoic
I term it reclusion, a night's mutual friend
Meeting point for the life's unending aysmptote

As the wheels take on the road
So does my memories negative unravel
Each one ending on a higher note to other
Darkening away in the fireflies' dazzle

But these flickers are meant to flick only once
Coz I m on a roller coaster of no return
Tearing away pages as the book reveals
Leaving behind me with me at the final turn

Yet the road falls prey to incoming distractions
Bound to jerk to every breaker, to every pothole
A fresh nectar for a pain staking memory
A mirage of dreams out of control

My heart says give it a chance, let it breathe
Let it fly, it has a purpose to fulfill
It’s the same old ditch, so does the mind beseech
Crush it before darkness takes a refill

And just keep on moving with a hope of redemption
To a place I call reclusion


You are born when feelings tend to take off wings
You emerge when silence can speak no longer
You are an answer to a stoic's stings
Or poem of a poet's drowsy ponder

You are the base behind every inception..
You are a vector to thoughts in cacophony
You are a picture, weighing thousands in number
A spring to a withering winter's monotony

You are a treasure of events time immemorial
And for the ones awaiting embrace
You are a path from existence to inventions
Or a journey to Juliet's fervor grace

You can be used and misused
You are a power when spoken wisely
You are a hatred when left bruised
A sort of nectar to a listener's dismay

You still shine through years of tarnish
And continue to be the mankind's profess
You are the empath waiting to ink
When the dreary eyes can no longer confess

The Chameleon in me...

As I crawl on walls and the dreary plains
I seek for the colour, I may fit in
And as I move the craving limbs
The desire of a new touch increases ten folds

The oppressed body scouts for escape
And live for a time in disguise
Finds redemption in a camouflage drape
Or call it refuge, the nature's voice

On the way I find a stone so subtle
So strong and yet so calm
I find peace, I assume love
Painting life canvas in his colour

Patience demands time for things to click
But the high state energy prevails
Talks and laughter resonates in a flick
Impatience for love leaves no trail

Up and down path turns into a glitch
So shorter was the plight of love
I find no love, the stone retaliates
Leave my colour as it’s all stoned

Reality strikes in no time
Darkness embraces an innocent blither
A few disguise to put in rhyme
The escape ends as the infatuate wither

The discharge time is too low
So the chameleon in me still crawls
“But till when?” does the mind speaks
“Till u find the one”  as the h…